Shower or Bath that is the question


Shower or Bath that is the question

What is the answer, we all have our favourite bathing routine some like a shower and would never get into a bath no matter what others like a shower especially good if you are in a hurry then some like to have both. I have a friend who will not live in any accommodation without a bath. I never thought to question her love of baths until I got older, and once I opened myself up to the idea that perhaps her behaviour was a bit strange, the questions came rolling in: First of all, who has the time? Do daily baths make your fingers permanently prune-y? Isn’t it just, like, sitting in a vat of one’s own dirt? Shouldn’t a long soak be enjoyed sparingly so you can appreciate its luxuriousness.

Needless to say, I’m a shower gal. They’re quick, they’re easy, they’re convenient. Not to mention, have you ever seen a typical twentysomething’s London houseshare? You’d need to spend hours cleaning to get the tub to the point where you can sit down without worrying about contracting some weird infection.

Aw, the good old shower. if you work out regularly — or wear a lot of makeup — you should definitely opt for one over a bath. “Showers are more hygienic [in these cases] because you are rinsing all those particles down the drain, rather than bathing in them,” she says.

Another time when a shower is preferable? Shampoo-and-conditioner days. “Not only is it difficult to fully rinse shampoo out in a bath, but sitting in a bath full of shampoo can strip skin of natural oils.

Like with baths, the temperature of your shower is crucial for determining just how beneficial it will be, If you are prone to dry skin, keep showers lukewarm and short. Long, hot showers can really dry out the skin,” she says. This also applies to your hair: “A cool rinse will help seal hair cuticles, resulting in shine and locking in moisture,” she adds.

The Verdict
Well, it’s not as cut-and-dry as I had hoped it would be, the choice mostly comes down to personal preference and location. “In New York City, it’s really a space issue!

This is taking a shower: It is done standing up, while water comes from above (from the shower head) and drains into the drain, so there is a continuous flow of water and this is taking a bath: It is done sitting down or lying in a tub full of water. Whatever your preference enjoy

Angelina Happiness is a book a bath and a glass of wine xx