Published: May 11th, 2020


Hi Ladies and Gentlemen hope you are keeping safe. I am looking forward to things getting back to normal (whatever normal will be). Last week I needed some shopping and ordered it on line as I was getting low on my groceries. Although I have been eating I have been buying some treats that are not totally healthy, I will deal with that later.

I looked in the mirror one day during isolation and what a shock I had, are those MY eye brows, eek must find the tweezers, of course they were not to be found. When I did find them I chose these eyebrows, Nothing makes me feel better than freshly landscaped eyebrows. I could be wearing a new outfit, with new shoes and perfectly done makeup, but if my eyebrows are not on point, there is no point.

It may sound vain to focus on one area of my face, but I to understand the importance of eyebrows and how it affects the way we look at ourselves and others. By focusing on  eyebrows and finding the perfect shape, width, length, arch, and thickness that aligns with your God given beauty and understanding how that will always dominate and dictate the rest of my facial features.

You will look at yourself differently. Eyebrows are the focal point of your face! Speaking of which, focusing on one area of our faces vs. all of them; putting on makeup, nail polish, accessories, it’s all some level of vanity, so don’t let anyone make you feel bad about the eyebrows you have and the eyebrows you desire. Rather sexy I thought.

Angelina Eye brows the one thing you can get in to shape without exercising xx