Hi Guys I do consider how men perceive my taste in fashion. I respect what opinions others have and do my best to pander, tell me and I will do my best to look my best.

I was watching those movies where they take this normal-looking girl wearing baggy clothes and give her this big makeover that’s supposed to transform her as a person, and then she comes down the stairs wearing a ton of makeup and a tight dress. Sometimes I think that what she’s wearing before the makeover looks so much nicer, he said.

What do we wear on a first date out to dinner?

Typically, you won’t find me searching through my friends’ closets for that one perfect baggy sweater. I wear little black dresses and high heels I wear them because they make us look good and because we think men think that it looks good, too.

A white button up cardigan, dark wash jeans, and Toms, is the look some men like although I believe not many!!

The short, tight dress and high heels look sexy and all, but there’s just something so adorably cute about a girl wearing big, baggy clothes (said no one ever to me).

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been told the opposite my whole life.
If you’re trying to look attractive to men, generally, we go for tighter clothes, not baggier.

I dress to impress visit me and find out Angelina xxx

Be your own kind of Beautiful.