Hair today gone tomorrow


Hair today gone tomorrow

Hairless bodies have become the norm for an entire generation of women. But the deforestation of the human race is not stopping there. That’s right boys, the hot wax is coming for you next.

It’s allegedly the year of the bush. While women are being implored to reject the shame shovelled on their bodies by the hair removal industry, salons that cater to the grooming whims of men are doing a roaring trade. Whether it’s the sanitised ideal of the porn aesthetic or the grooming industry bombarding men with images of buffed and baby smooth bodies, men are getting less hairy.

Humans have always removed their hair. Epilation and waxing can be traced back to ancient times, peaking in popularity during periods of parasitic lice infestations (Nice). Now, since the dawn of the metrosexual, men are succumbing to the pressure to remove hair more than ever.

I feel your pain, guys. A girl like me can just lie there and zone out, but you have to hold some parts out of the way, pull the skin taut in other places, provide access to others in undignified positions. And all for what? (If I was a man I suppose I would know)

Some women would say that a hairless physique shows off more muscle definition, and prefer a close chest shave and smooth abs to best appreciate your exercise efforts. But if you’ve got a good body then, believe me, we will notice, regardless of the hair that may or may not be on it. If I fancy someone, a bit of body hair is going to be the last thing I’m looking at. It’s about finding your level. These days you can choose exactly how hairy you want to be; there is quite honestly something for everyone.

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