Jewellery for the feet


Jewellery for the feet

Stilettos my favourite I love shoes, desire and lust after them. I feel my heart race when I look at shoes I am considering buying, feel a jolt of joy when I wear them the first time. I know that I need to have shoes like I know that I need to eat and breathe. Perhaps I would die if I had to wear the same drab pair of shoes for the rest of my life but some part of me would wilt and fade. Sometimes when I think about the things I would scramble to grab if my house were on fire, I think about my shoes. I feel pretty confident that I would firstly grab my shoes. I am far from the only woman who feels this way. Most of us do.

Shoes are as much a part of everyday fantasies as sex might be. There are few consequences buying shoes perhaps a reduced bank account – all of which seem minor in comparison with the joy you feel from finding an awesome pair of shoes and knowing they are yours to keep forever. Shoes provide the foundation for the image that we want to broadcast to the world.  My image is classy and sassy that is how I like to look.

High heel shoes also tend to force women into a posture that’s attractive for both themselves and their onlookers. High heel shoes cause a woman’s rump to stick out and back to arch, a posture known as lordosis. This posture can allow anyone’s figure to become even more flattering. The buttocks become larger and more curvaceous, allowing the body to have more of an hourglass shape. This posture naturally makes a woman both look and feel sexy and beautiful. A woman wearing heels or even sexy boots, feels better about how they look. Better yet they enjoy the extra attention they receive as a result of the high heels.

Be a stiletto in a room full of flats

High Heels were invented by a lady who was tired of being kissed on the forehead

Angelina always a pleasure xxxx