Red for Danger


Red for Danger

Apparently people who like Red (Me)are Bold, sexually charged, and want to make a lasting impression. (How did they know)

Studies have also found that both genders are more attracted to a person in Red than any other colour. Although scientists aren’t exactly sure why, they think it may have to do with the fact that when someone blushes they turn red and there’s some sort of animalistic, sexual attraction there. People whose favourite color is red are usually aware the effect it has, and are extroverted and confident enough to take advantage of it.

Interestingly, it’s also been found that a preference for the colour red increases for women when they’ve reached peak fertility (looking forward to that). There is a shade of Red for every woman. Beauty for me is to be comfortable in your skin either that or a kick arse Red lipstick,

In Russia, the word for “red” means beautiful.

Angelina living the Red dream always a pleasure whatever colour you like xxx