Published: 13 October 2019

Hi my lovely friends Hope you are all a great time and enjoy Chocolates as I do. I have kept a few for us to have a nibble on either creamy or nutty the choice is yours.

A knight in Shining armour

Published: 29 September 2019

Some people call it Chivalry but it sort of means gentlemanly too. I think it is more of an English word buts it is still part of History. Its like a fairy tale, a man comes and rescues the maiden from evil.

Strike a chord what makes a phone sexy

Published: 15 September 2019

Hi my friends. You know the saying you cannot judge a book by its cover, well that will go for a voice on the phone, as I Receive many calls it has to judge by the voice, sometimes I have not been to sure by the sound of a voice but luckily I was wrong and mostly the voice did not match the man having said that I was never disappointed.


Published: 25 August 2019

Charm is the art of having an attractive personality. Some people charm others the moment they enter a room, while others earn a reputation as a charmer over a period of time. While everyone is born with differing amounts of natural charm.

Shower or Bath that is the question

Published: 11 August 2019

What is the answer, we all have our favourite bathing routine some like a shower and would never get into a bath no matter what others like a shower especially good if you are in a hurry then some like to have both.

Feeling sexy

Published: 28 July 2019

I know that some days we feel unsexy but that does not mean we are not sexy. Do you want to know the secret of how to feel sexy? Of course, you do!

Who doesn’t want to feel sexy? I’m talking how to feel sexier all the time. There’s no rule on where and when you can feel sexy, and that’s the best part, some of the most attractive people out there aren’t the ones who look like Victoria’s Secret models (Although we all wish we could look like them from time to time.)

Oh happy sexy days

Published: 21 July 2019

Hi there my lovelies hope all is well with you today. I woke up this morning feeling sexy and full of joy the sun is shining and I feel sooo happy. I want to go out today and turn some heads its a nice feeling to be admired as you sashay down the street.

The Negligee Hollywood style

Published: 14 July 2019

The funny thing about what men like to see on women is varied different strokes for different folks (so they say) we love to wear sexy lingerie. One has to remember that this lingerie is not going to be on for an extremely long period of time, so it is worth it. Men love tight, see through, lace.

Black is back

Published: 06 July 2019

Hi all my fans hope everything in your world is fine as is mine. Good news for ladies Black is back in the Autumn (it never went out for me) In the meantime white is having its day.

Things men love

Published: 30 June 2019

Erotic pleasures one of them is stockings they are so sought after and loved because they are just plain sexy. They have a special kind of allure to them and are so tactile.

Some of my clients go insane when they see me in a pair because they are so sensuous. We that is Women and men love the feel of a stocking. There is nothing better for me then to rub my legs together under my skirt and feel how silky and sexy my legs feel. See they even turn me on.