Chocolate Fever

Published: 13 January 2020

Hi Guys hope you all had a great New Year and looking forward to some fun 2020 style.

Happy New Year!

Published: 30 December 2019

Happy New Year to you all hope its a good one and. I look forward to seeing you and hearing your New Year adventures.

Angelina Big Hugs xx

Merry Christmas

Published: 22 December 2019

To all my friends old and new thank you for being there with me. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas Eat Drink and be Merry. Watch the calories, although I know ways to work them off.

Christmas Ball

Published: 15 December 2019

Hi there my lovely fans, it will soon be upon us hope you have got out your shiny Baubles give them a quick polish and hang them somewhere (the Christmas tree). I know it is stressful this time of year but there are always places to visit. For some FUN and here I am.

Silky and Sexy

Published: 02 December 2019

I love my silk bedding and my Pillow case has so many benefits. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can help skin stay healthy and smooth and can help reduce theĀ appearanceĀ of facial wrinkles, that cannot be bad?


Published: 17 November 2019

I love Burlesque the colours the costumes the sexiness of it all I am so glad it has become popular and Cher was great in the film i might watch it again anyone want to join me. Bring the Champagne.

Make the Cork Pop

Published: 11 November 2019

Hi guys do you ever wake up and want to go shopping for Man things, I am sure you do!!

I Woke up today and felt like treating myself to some girlie stuff i.e Make up shoes etc. Called a friend and we met at Selfridges Champagne Bar (I love that place) I do like a drop of Shampers and so does my friend.

Halloween Special occasion Nails

Published: 27 October 2019

Hi are you all getting ready for some Halloween fun. I love dressing up for Halloween, I thought I would have my nails done for Halloween just in case I am invited out to a ball or a nice dinner, invites always welcome.


Published: 13 October 2019

Hi my lovely friends Hope you are all a great time and enjoy Chocolates as I do. I have kept a few for us to have a nibble on either creamy or nutty the choice is yours.

A knight in Shining armour

Published: 29 September 2019

Some people call it Chivalry but it sort of means gentlemanly too. I think it is more of an English word buts it is still part of History. Its like a fairy tale, a man comes and rescues the maiden from evil.