The Trench Coat


The Trench Coat

Hi Guys Sorry to talk about the weather but it has been bloody awful. I decided to go out shopping for some sexy boots that were warm and rain proof but sexy boots are not always these things i bought them anyway. While on my shopping expedition I noticed a rather handsome man wearing a trench coat and brogues two of my favourite items on a man. I decided in that moment I wanted a trench coat and this is how I like to wear mine!!

invention of the trench coat is claimed by two British luxury clothing manufacturers, Burberry and Aquascutum, with Aquascutum’s claim dating back to the 1850s. Thomas Burberry invented gabardine fabric in 1879 and submitted a design for an Army officer’s raincoat to the United Kingdom War Office in 1901. From Royalty to film stars, the trench became as important a piece of fashion as blue jeans. It incorporates style and function, with a history that makes it all the more amazing.

So where does the trench coat sit today? It continues to be a fashion staple and an iconic garment that can be seen almost every year on catwalks all over the world. Burberry continues to be leaders in trench coat production; creating styles for men and women that evoke a sense of fashion prowess and impeccable taste. During the 1990’s, the fashion house breathed new life into the trench, offering avant garde variations; including bright colours, prints, and fabric details ranging from lace and satin to python skin.

I feel a wardrobe full of trench coats coming on and the sexy lingerie to wear underneath them.

Angelina In a Trench coat simply sexy xx