Make the Cork Pop


Make the Cork Pop

Hi guys do you ever wake up and want to go shopping for Man things, I am sure you do!!

I Woke up today and felt like treating myself to some girlie stuff i.e Make up shoes etc. Called a friend and we met at Selfridges Champagne Bar (I love that place) I do like a drop of Shampers and so does my friend. Later we will eat at the Champagne and Oyster Bar You never know what happens after eating oysters, but not in Selfridges better to be eaten at home with a hot date.

The first time I ever pressed my young lips onto the cooling comfort of a fine-stemmed champagne glass and felt the intoxicating sensation of luscious bubbles evaporating in my mouth, I just knew I was a lifer.

While being a champagne girl in a blunts-and-beer world can be a painfully isolating existence at times — there’s nothing quite like recognising one of my own kind.
Whenever I meet the mascara-adorned gaze of a champagne compatriot, I become overwhelmed with an unshakeable sense of belonging. See, we champagne girls share an unbreakable sisterly bond with one another because we’re privy to a divine little secret: We make for the best lovers because we taste good and know how to make you POP!!

There’s just something about bubbles that make life seem so much more manageable.
Maybe it’s the comfort in knowing they will always POP — regardless, I don’t care to meet the miserable person who claims to dislike bubbles.

One of the best parts about spending your days and nights with one of us champagne girls is you get to dive into blissful-bubble overdrive. See the bubbles in champagne are transcendent in our effervescent personalities. If you could choose to spend your days with a stale, meek girl devoid of effervescence or a girl bubbling with an energy so fierce it overflows into every aspect of life — you would choose the latter right? Case closed.

One glass of champagne and I smile Two and I grin but Three and I am ever so ready to Sin

Angelina Bring on the Bubbly xx