Halloween Special occasion Nails


Halloween Special occasion Nails

Hi are you all getting ready for some Halloween fun. I love dressing up for Halloween, I thought I would have my nails done for Halloween just in case I am invited out to a ball or a nice dinner, invites always welcome.

Getting a manicure can seem frivolous: It requires extra cash and time and in pop culture, has a bit of a ditzy reputation (think: Elle Woods, bend-and-snapping in the Legally Blonde salon). Last summer, getting a manicure was even a question of ethics:

But there’s a case to be made for a regular manicure. In the right hands, getting a manicure or even DIYing it can mean a lot more.

Think of it as an enforced time-out. When I duck into a nail bar, it’s like I’m hopping onto a very short transatlantic flight. Don’t call, don’t write, I’m in the bubble. It’s not that I’m hiding, it’s that we all owe ourselves a little time to luxuriate, without the expectation of a lightning-fast response.

A manicure is no longer something you only do before a tropical vacation or a special occasion,Treating yourself is so emotionally important for women we are all doing more and have less time to unplug,

Angelina life is not perfect but your nails can be xx