A knight in Shining armour


A knight in Shining armour

Chivalry is when a man respects a woman. It doesn’t have to be standing when she walks in a room, (though that is one form of it) or opening her door for her, (again, that’s always nice) it’s just means that you recognise that she is a woman and thus deserves some respect. In today’s culture this could mean not calling her “hot” or “sexy” but “beautiful” or “gorgeous” instead, I do not mind being called all of these.
When I think chivalry, I think a pure gentleman or Rhett Butler in gone with the wind.
Chivalry is when a guy does something nice for a woman that is not usually expected in modern times . This consists of a guy just doing the gentlemanly thing. The concept of being a gentleman isn’t dead, nor is it old fashioned.

The art of being a gentleman is not as simple and well defined as it used to be.
being chivalrous no longer strictly means opening doors, pulling out chairs, helping a woman with her coat and buying flowers for no reason. Chivalry has evolved to reflect modern-day values. I like receiving flowers.

These days we women are a lot more independent and capable of doing things by ourselves, Maybe in gaining that independence, men thought they didn’t need to be traditionally chivalrous anymore.

In fact, chivalry does not seem to be alive in these modern times. People everywhere are reevaluating the things that are important in their lives, and they’re rediscovering the virtues that the code of chivalry stands for — hope, kindness, respect, integrity and courage. They are discovering that they can still be inspired by a hero, and, best of all, they’re realising that when chivalry and equality stand side-by-side, anybody can be a knight in shining armour.

I am an Independent lady but I still like to be treated like the lovely lady I am. Some times you need a knight in shining armour, flowers always help.

Angelina A lady but not in distress xx