Things men love


Things men love

Erotic pleasures one of them is stockings they are so sought after and loved because they are just plain sexy. They have a special kind of allure to them and are so tactile.

Some of my clients go insane when they see me in a pair because they are so sensuous. We that is Women and men love the feel of a stocking. There is nothing better for me then to rub my legs together under my skirt and feel how silky and sexy my legs feel. See they even turn me on.

During the early 1800s the majority of fashionable stocking were made of cotton. No one even noticed them any ways due to the floor length dresses and skirts of the time. There was no need to have any glitz and glamour to these stockings because they were made to be functional not sexy Oh dear how sad.

So why do men find stockings sexy? Ok. One of my clients handed me a package, exquisitely wrapped in beautiful paper, with a bow around it I did not did not know for sure what it was. I unwrapped the package and inside was a stunning presentation box. I slowly opened it and I was rewarded with glorious contents. Stockings which my client immediately wanted me to wear (with pleasure I said).

Men are primarily visual creatures. That is why men enjoy looking at porn or pass admiring glances at ladies as they walk past. Stockings in particular the seamed provide a visual feast. Stockings accentuate the curves of the leg the seams more so they even out any inconsistencies in the skin. Darker shades (black), naturally slim the legs.

Moving away from the visuals for a second, stockings stimulate the other senses too. Listen as I walk, hear the rustle of nylon against nylon. Stroke my legs, feel the smooth softeness beneath your fingers. I rest my case.

Oh don’t forget the Suspenders

Quote for the day: A body is meant to be seen not covered up Think Sexy be Sexy. I am always xx

Angelina always pleased to see you xx