Real men have manners


Real men have manners

Something that costs nothing, but most of the population seem to have an aversion to. Good manners are a gateway to success. Bad manners are a gateway to a good hiding.

Manners good looks and a sense of humour what a combination it can be rare to find all this in one man but they are around the thing spotting him, the saying goes you cannot judge a book by a cover and I have found this to be true on many occasions.

Manners makyth man”—the old adage reminds us of an important truth: that people are made, not born, and that they are made by their relation to others. Manners the polite person is at a seeming disadvantage. He does not jump queues; he does not shout and push and fight his way to the goods; he opens the car door for you carry’s your shopping some people think this is not manly, I think manners are important.

Sense of Humour

I am a strong believer in the clichéd saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Why? There are plenty of reasons. Life isn’t always perfect, so when you get thrown an odd ball, sometimes it’s best to just laugh it off. You can’t take yourself (or others) so seriously all the time, because things will never go as planned and you’ll just end up disappointed and with high blood pressure. Your ability to laugh at yourself is also an attractive quality because it shows you can take a joke and that you’re easy-going.

Are looks important

As women, we tend to spend a great deal of time in front of the mirror. We scrutinize everything from our hair, makeup, and clothing to our noses, eyelashes, and hell, even our thighs. But as we all know, though our looks are important to the way the world perceives us, they do fade, and they aren’t (and shouldn’t be) our most valued asset. So here are a couple of things that are even more important than your looks.


When you’re healthy, you just look better. Your skin glows, your hair flows, and your body looks amazing in that red dress. Being healthy doesn’t mean you look like a supermodel or that you have a six pack though; it just means you pay attention to what you’re eating, how much alcohol you’re drinking, and you stay moderately active. Without health, you really have nothing.


When a confident woman walks into a room, people can tell. It’s just attractive to be sure of yourself and know that you’re a capable human being, as opposed to someone who’s pretty but doesn’t think she’s qualified to even order a scotch on the rocks. Confidence radiates and gets people to notice you for who you are. Add some stilettos in there, and you’ve got yourself any man in the room.

Good manners open closed doors bad manners close open doors

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