Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays

Hi guys hope you are enjoying my blogs and you are all ok, perhaps getting ready for some holiday time coming up. We all love our holidays wherever they may be but we have such a job deciding what to wear. Decisions decisions. Wearing the Bikini now means I have to have a Brazilian but that is for another blog.

My holiday Dilemma is the Bikini or the all in one for the Beach. In the evenings I like to get dressed full Glamour is my favourite.

Who would have thought that the name of a remote Pacific atoll, site of atom bomb testing in the late 1940s, could have become wedded in the public mind to one of the sexiest and most enduring clothing items of the summer? Marking an atypical career trajectory, French mechanical engineer-turned bikini designer, Louis Réard, known as the godfather of the garment’s modern-day incarnation, is said to have come up with the moniker in a wink to its tiny size yet explosive impact, with the term ‘bombshell’ adopted as a popular reference for the ladies in these revealing swimsuits.

So simple yet so powerful, ultimately it is the bikini’s enduring ability to deliver a big impact a strong social or fashion statement in such a brief space of material that makes it a design icon.

Evidence of bikini style women’s clothing has been found as early as 5600 BC, and the history of the bikini can be traced back to that era. Illustrations of women wearing bikini like garments during competitive athletic events in the Roman Era have been found in several locations

Comments from the Male Species

_Bikini: Can be itsy bitsy i teeny weeny yellow and with polka dots. However I reckon thats out of fashion now its now white/transparent, push up and with a thong. The best invention ever!! _

Lets you see the girl you want to without having to use much imagination at all.

Something every girl that is under a size 12 should wear to the beach. even better if it has a thong bottom.

Tiny piece of clothing covering what i want to see. 3-in-1: nipple protector breast lifter (sometimes not), and attention-getter

The equivalent of wearing a thong and bra out in public. Mainly worn to attract the attention of straight men (or lesbian women).

Two steps to a Bikini Body get the Bikini put your body in it

Angelina the pleasure is mine xx