Face the sun in Style


Face the sun in Style

I was thinking to go on holiday a short while ago as the weather will be getting warmer (I hope) and started to look for my holiday essentials the problem was I could not find my very sexy expensive sun glasses, this means a trip to the shops to buy a new pair knowing that once I did this my old ones would surely turn up (thats the. way it goes sometimes). Nothing prepared me for the huge range of sunglasses on offer, this was not going to be as quick and easy as I thought.

I want to. Make a Bold Statement and Project Timeless Elegance With Stylish Sunglasses I do not want that £5 pair of shades I saw in the street stall they will not serve my purposes, I want to do a little bit more research about what it really takes to protect my eyes and help me look great all summer. While I don’t want to have to spend a fortune (I will if they are right) in order to get quality sunglasses that provide adequate protection from the bright rays of the warmer holiday destination, I want to ensure that the glasses I ultimately select not only serve a fashionable purpose but a functional one as well. To that end I will select shades with UV protection so that I can spend long summer days in the out of doors without worrying about damaging my retina.

I also want sunglasses that can withstand fun in the sun. I want lenses that are scratch resistant. After all, I will not be able to see out of the protective eyewear if they’re totally marred by evidence of all the good times I may be having. (Chance would be a fine thing) Sand Sea and Sangria (A Spanish drink for those who have not been to Spain

Sunglasses. Not really an original or imaginative name – they are literally a piece of glass (or plastic) covering your eyes from the sun. They also double as a headband and can be found draped down the front of shirts all over the country. one of the most versatile fashion items. Dare to wear the wrong pair of sunglasses, and it can easily ruin my entire outfit or reputation (if your reputation is based around having great sunglasses that is).

Chanel/Bling Sunglasses like Red Lipstick Change everything.

Angelina always a pleasure to see you xxx