Boudoir Dilema


Boudoir Dilema

Hi guys Summer is coming and it brings me feelings of change, so I thought I would start in my bedroom, a shopping spree required for Boudoir bedding. Any ideas??

Side effects of the boudoir heart palpitations, sweaty palms, loss of speech try it and see I have a cure.

Well any ideas on colours I like Reds Purples and White I take great care to create a special sensuous environment to relax and enjoy. Ambience is very important. A well decorated boudoir can open up a world of erotic pleasure for you and me.

Careful thought is required to get it just right. Music and Lighting is crucial (candles are good) so get it right. I love mirrors watching oneself can be a turn on but having said that it is not everyone’s cup of Tea. Who said Bedrooms were for sleeping in

Angelina I can make things happen in the Boudoir. Xxxx