Nothing tickles the senses like a man fresh out of the shower, smelling of soap and cologne. Men’s cologne and aftershave have a sensual smell that drives women wild. A man that wears cologne can make the ladies weak at the knees when he walks by.

At times we need to be more aware of our sweaty bodies using more deodorant Shower Gel and various other products some for our top half and others for the Nether Regions, the point here I am making is I love a man who smells nice I find it a turn on and some actually make me horny. But here’s the thing: There is an underlying reason why men wear fragrance they want to smell sexy, attractive, or want to seduce someone it maybe me there is nothing wrong with that!

Of course this is only one my choice, what works for one person, doesn’t always work for the next because of tastes, preferences, and perfume smells differently on other people because they emit different amounts of oil from their bodies!

Happiness is when he smells as good as he looks

Angela Always a pleasure xx