Nails that shine


Nails that shine

One day while walking to the shops I decided to stop for coffee, I found myself sitting bored and unable to concentrate, then I started looking around at the ladies hands and bright red nail polish seemed to be abundant . That gave me something to do. I decided to count the colours on the hands of all the women who were drinking their refreshments.

I decided to count the ladies wearing nail polish and the colours they wore. Here’s the total out of 20 women I spotted

  • 10 wearing red nails
  • 4 no polish or colourless polish
  • 6 other colours: 1 white, 1 green, 2 purple, 2 blue

It seems women favour Red polish on their nails over other colours by a large margin. When I told one of my female friends this result, she said that she herself would never bare her fingers or toes without coloured polish, and it was invariably red. When I said, Why red? she answered Because I like it.

What I want to know is why some ladies like it. There has to be some reason why red is the most popular colour. One explanation, of course, is simply that it’s the most visible or striking colour, and thus calls attention to the toes, fingers and lips. But then, why red rather than orange or bright yellow? The redder a woman’s lips are, the more sexual she is, so they say.

I like to try New colours but I always return to Red. A women is helpless only while her nail varnish dries.