Seamed Tights


Seamed Tights

You’ll also achieve the smoothest line under the tightest wiggle dress. That is why I sometimes wear Seamed tights but I will always love my silky nylon stockings.

As the party season starts, women up and down the country will be wondering what to wear. The answer this year may be unusual seamed tights, which can be a surprisingly elegant way to liven up a little black dress.

Ah, tights. Yes, yes, yes. They cover my bottom in a nice peachy way and mean I can wear a skirt as short as a London taxi driver’s temper.

Tights are just what they say they are far more body hugging than knee dimpling stockings. And, with a single whisk, they come off in one.

P.H.M or T.M Panty hose melter or tights melter. A male person who is so incredibly hot he can melt the tights or panty hose right off most females. Term originated in the late 1980s early 1990’s when people actually wore Tights / Panty hose.

Panty Hose the American word for Tights. Remember Stockings or tights are nothing without the shoes, that is another story.

Angelina Always a pleasure with or without Tights xx